Emotions and feelings inside Amanda

The following pictures describe some of the emotions and feelings to be found inside Amanda.

See if you can match them as you read the book.

Disclaimer: All images were downloaded from the internet and I hold no rights to them.

emerald dress Ship sailing growing tree people helix colorful tear anger fairies dancing joyful tears toddlers playing cabaret singer lonely town simple wedding dress desert and tree professional singer happy child love 1333825358_dreamscene happy in dream snowy funeral a98684_theanguishedman desert tree birth pregnant dancer birth of a star softly beautiful happy boy desolate Family discussion creche dancing fairies dancing on top of the world dahlia death Desolate town angel in the desert sand shadows doublehelix happy girl dancing in the clouds happy dreamy sunrise Dreams at the casket spring birth in the mind first step open mind school party fighting anger new born Dancer Funeral in the Snow fun together happyness friends dancing in a dream small plane connected fetus simple white gloves competition tall ship mirror image beautiful together law office couch professional performer wedding pregnant family resturant uprooted melting dreams dancer Mother and baby mother and daughter funeral magic little angel caring happy outdoors boy desolate town dancing angel circle family room magic fairy open water sick old lady dahlia 2 unbelievable view from a hill trapped and desperate transition to star



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