Amanda – The first question – Why?

I have worked for more than 5 years on this – my first book.

I wanted to achieve a number of key objectives:

  • Unique Story – I wanted to have a story that you the reader has never heard of before. I didn’t want you to think “It’s like ____, just slightly different.” It had to be something that you could not begin to imagine.
  • Clean – The story had to be told in an uncluttered, easy to read and easier to understand and relate to way. You could be a person just starting to read or a senior citizen, and the story should appeal to you. No profanity, dirt, harsh language or even slightly off-color references.
  • Challenge –  This book is intended to question you and me. It asked of me whether I have the talent to tell it, and it has to ask of you if you can allow yourself to truly identify with a character and feel what she does; without constraint.
  • Meaning – Everything in this story had to mean something. This includes character names,  description of places and events, dreams, desires and experiences. The meanings could be the same as what I felt writing it, but it should (hopefully) mean something to you and a way that is unique to you.
  • Lasting – The story is hopefully something that would stay with you for a while. You should discover yourself asking: “How would Amanda react?” I hope that I told the story well enough to achieve this.
  • Positive – The most important thing that a story teller could hope for is to develop the desire for someone to share the story with someone else, simply because it stirred something in them that they wish to share; some positive feeling, some emotion, something beautiful.

I honestly hope that I have been able to achieve at least some of these objectives. I wish you a happy life, filled with love, joy, happiness and overwhelming success.

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