Wow – A week already… And a good one!

I am just bursting with excitement, because people seem to love my newly published book – Amanda

Some of the informal feedback is more than just positive! I have to be honest that I am struggling through the wait period of receiving formal reviews.

I know that this may not be exciting to you, but there is some good news.

The responses I have received have made me aware of something that I did not recognize at first.

When the last time you could get something that was is clean, wholesome, permanent and constructive at an affordable price?

This book is all of those things in one. It is a story that takes you on a journey where you experience extraordinary emotions. You may even end up evaluating your own perceptions and view of life. But it does show everyone that life is precious, it changes and that tomorrow could be better than today.

To make absolutely sure that this is book is full of good stuff, you can get a FREE extract of the book HERE.

We all know that different people prefer hard-copy books, and others eBooks.

Well, Amanda is available in both!!

B&N eBook  Inktera  Kobo  BN hard-cover  Amazon  Smashwords

These are some of the places that you can get your hands on it right away!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week.


B.T.W. share this around if you don’t mind…


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