review verb (BOOK/FILM)

If critics review a bookplayfilm, etc. they write their opinionof it:

from Cambridge Dictionary


Obviously the most important critical acclaim you can obtain for a book stems from professionals that have a structured and a well-practiced method by which they compare various product offerings to one another.

Funny thing I recently discovered – Reviewers are not allowed to receive compensation for their services! I think it is to ensure that the reviews remain objective.

However, as an author, I did not write this book to obtain critical acclaim. Yes, that would not hurt, but the total intent of this book is to share a story with everybody willing to read and enjoy it.


Do I ask of you the intended reader to post your opinion about this book?

My answer to that is an emphatic YES!!!

customer review

I believe that every person’s opinion is valuable.

I believe that every viewpoint is important.

I believe that every person’s experience is as valid as the next.




I believe that customer reviews are extremely important, and as such I would like to encourage every one of you – that has read the book – can post your review.

Please accept my invitation and put your fingerprint on this book.

Hope you have a fantastic day!!



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