What does Amanda look like from the outside?

This is something that I have spent an enormous amount of time on thinking about.

For the casual observer she would be just another person.

  • Attractive? Slightly above average with the grace that comes from formal dancing lessons.
  • Physical appearance? She is surprisingly short, with a lean body. Her hairstyle changes constantly, but she is articulate when she dresses and applies make-up.
  • Intelligent? Surprisingly so. She has this artistic flair, with the coordination that is associated with a practiced dancer, musician, painter, sculptor; yet at the most unexpected times she is brilliant at linear elements like computers, mathematics, and accounting.
  • Friendly? Not overly friendly, but definitely popular. She thrives in social settings, but when faced with a one-on-one situation, she can turn cold and distant in an instant.
  • Openness? She is popular because she is not afraid of taking chances. She is fun-loving and has a crystal clear and very recognisable laugh.
  • Agreeable? Almost all the time. She is funny and fun, but she has a dark side that can turn at a moment’s notice. Then she is direct, and aloof.
  • Vulnerable? Oh yes. She can be as fragile as a newly formed flower, but somewhere she has steel in her spine.
  • Insecurities? She is just human. She has issues with her appearance, her body, her personality.

As interesting as this is, the most amazing thing about Amanda is what she is like on the inside…

That will shock, amaze and surprise you.

Come on – read the book…


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