Amanda: More than any woman

What does Amanda look like from the outside?

This is something that I have spent an enormous amount of time on thinking about.

For the casual observer she would be just another person.

  • Attractive? Slightly above average with the grace that comes from formal dancing lessons.
  • Physical appearance? She is surprisingly short, with a lean body. Her hairstyle changes constantly, but she is articulate when she dresses and applies make-up.
  • Intelligent? Surprisingly so. She has this artistic flair, with the coordination that is associated with a practiced dancer, musician, painter, sculptor; yet at the most unexpected times she is brilliant at linear elements like computers, mathematics, and accounting.
  • Friendly? Not overly friendly, but definitely popular. She thrives in social settings, but when faced with a one-on-one situation, she can turn cold and distant in an instant.
  • Openness? She is popular because she is not afraid of taking chances. She is fun-loving and has a crystal clear and very recognisable laugh.
  • Agreeable? Almost all the time. She is funny and fun, but she has a dark side that can turn at a moment’s notice. Then she is direct, and aloof.
  • Vulnerable? Oh yes. She can be as fragile as a newly formed flower, but somewhere she has steel in her spine.
  • Insecurities? She is just human. She has issues with her appearance, her body, her personality.

As interesting as this is, the most amazing thing about Amanda is what she is like on the inside…

That will shock, amaze and surprise you.

Come on – read the book…


Amazing Review by someone I respect immensely


I have the amazing fortune to share the following review on Amanda: More than any woman, from Roxana Jones.

Roxana Jones has helped thousands of people across the world through her books, articles, HealThruWords® programs and inspirational quotes that are shared daily through her online community of 100K+ members.

Roxana became a best-selling author in the spirituality and personal development categories after she was ready to share what she had learned as the result of thirty years of thorough study of many different cultures, schools of thought, and traditions that offered the framework to understand her life purpose: to serve others by offering transformational leadership and spiritual healing through the words she writes.


Roxana Jones


She is the real thing – Best-selling Author, Spiritual healer, and an authority on personal development, personalities and the journey of the soul.

I am therefore deeply an truly honored to share this review with you:


“Anton van den Berg has offered me a beautiful gift by sharing the story of Amanda, a candid and realistic journey into womanhood. Written from a compelling masculine perspective, this book is a must-read for any one who is interested in exploring the inner and outer worlds that happen simultaneously for each and every one of us even when we are not conscious of them.”


I would like to thank her from the depths of my heart and encourage you to get to follow this amazing person.

Love and light to all…

Reviews – Why do I want yours?

review verb (BOOK/FILM)

If critics review a bookplayfilm, etc. they write their opinionof it:

from Cambridge Dictionary


Obviously the most important critical acclaim you can obtain for a book stems from professionals that have a structured and a well-practiced method by which they compare various product offerings to one another.

Funny thing I recently discovered – Reviewers are not allowed to receive compensation for their services! I think it is to ensure that the reviews remain objective.

However, as an author, I did not write this book to obtain critical acclaim. Yes, that would not hurt, but the total intent of this book is to share a story with everybody willing to read and enjoy it.


Do I ask of you the intended reader to post your opinion about this book?

My answer to that is an emphatic YES!!!

customer review

I believe that every person’s opinion is valuable.

I believe that every viewpoint is important.

I believe that every person’s experience is as valid as the next.




I believe that customer reviews are extremely important, and as such I would like to encourage every one of you – that has read the book – can post your review.

Please accept my invitation and put your fingerprint on this book.

Hope you have a fantastic day!!


The first Review is in!!! – It’s GOOD!!

As you can imagine every book, article, comment or just remark that an author makes comes from a creative well that is hidden below the surface. All artists utilizing this creative well does so with gratitude, reverence and immense apprehension.

When we share something that comes from that creative well, we have no idea about how people will react to it. We can only hope that people will derive pleasure, experience or share feelings and most of all appreciate it for the work that the artist had to put into ensuring the message is pure and true.

When you receive a review like this, the relief is so intense and massive.

I honestly hope that many people will feel the same after reading this book.



Much love and joy to everybody…

Wow – A week already… And a good one!

I am just bursting with excitement, because people seem to love my newly published book – Amanda

Some of the informal feedback is more than just positive! I have to be honest that I am struggling through the wait period of receiving formal reviews.

I know that this may not be exciting to you, but there is some good news.

The responses I have received have made me aware of something that I did not recognize at first.

When the last time you could get something that was is clean, wholesome, permanent and constructive at an affordable price?

This book is all of those things in one. It is a story that takes you on a journey where you experience extraordinary emotions. You may even end up evaluating your own perceptions and view of life. But it does show everyone that life is precious, it changes and that tomorrow could be better than today.

To make absolutely sure that this is book is full of good stuff, you can get a FREE extract of the book HERE.

We all know that different people prefer hard-copy books, and others eBooks.

Well, Amanda is available in both!!

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These are some of the places that you can get your hands on it right away!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week.


B.T.W. share this around if you don’t mind…

Synopsis -> Amanda

Telling you what Amanda is about without spoiling the story is not an easy thing to do.

I would however like to pose some questions relating to the story that may guide you towards the content.

  • What would it be like if two souls occupied one body?
  • What if one of these souls were dominant?
  • What would it be like if these souls had different personalities?
  • How would conflict between these souls work?
  • What if they were different ages?
  • Is it possible for them to live together?
  • What happens if one of them goes insane?
  • How do they fall in love?
  • Can they communicate with one another?
  • How do they handle crisis situations?
  • How does growing up affect these souls?
  • Is it possible for one to be clever and the other not?
  • Do they share the same talents?
  • Is it visible to others?
  • How do they handle intimate situations?

I am quite sure that there are many more questions that we could ask about such a situation. However, I would like you to read the book and agree or disagree about the answers to these questions.

Please feel free to comment below, or add your thoughts to a review that you can post.



Amanda – The first question – Why?

I have worked for more than 5 years on this – my first book.

I wanted to achieve a number of key objectives:

  • Unique Story – I wanted to have a story that you the reader has never heard of before. I didn’t want you to think “It’s like ____, just slightly different.” It had to be something that you could not begin to imagine.
  • Clean – The story had to be told in an uncluttered, easy to read and easier to understand and relate to way. You could be a person just starting to read or a senior citizen, and the story should appeal to you. No profanity, dirt, harsh language or even slightly off-color references.
  • Challenge –  This book is intended to question you and me. It asked of me whether I have the talent to tell it, and it has to ask of you if you can allow yourself to truly identify with a character and feel what she does; without constraint.
  • Meaning – Everything in this story had to mean something. This includes character names,  description of places and events, dreams, desires and experiences. The meanings could be the same as what I felt writing it, but it should (hopefully) mean something to you and a way that is unique to you.
  • Lasting – The story is hopefully something that would stay with you for a while. You should discover yourself asking: “How would Amanda react?” I hope that I told the story well enough to achieve this.
  • Positive – The most important thing that a story teller could hope for is to develop the desire for someone to share the story with someone else, simply because it stirred something in them that they wish to share; some positive feeling, some emotion, something beautiful.

I honestly hope that I have been able to achieve at least some of these objectives. I wish you a happy life, filled with love, joy, happiness and overwhelming success.

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